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Our company provides free access to candidates to apply for job positions. The recruiters can select the desired individual from the hiring software development as per their requirements. They can also easily filter some fields to find the candidates and save them for interview purposes.


Hiring Pattern Dashboard and Analytics

A dashboard is a section where all the statistical fields are to be seen by recruiters for multiple sections. It displays the different statistical fields with a graph for a better visual representation to track the performance of multiple modules.



Candidate Management

Check the short-listed candidates who match a company’s requirements. Star, sort, and filter candidates – all within the Applicant Tracking System. Change Placement Status and Schedule Interview Meeting as per their exams.

Recruiters can see the list of Candidates with their detailed information which is added during the registration process. Recruiters change the placement status and also can schedule the interview meeting of the particular candidate from that applicant’s profile. There are multiple filters that can be applied to find details of the candidates.



Proctoring authenticates Student’s IDs, keeps track of the time, and monitors students to ensure that they are following the exam guidelines and instructions.
Proctored online testing prevents a few features, such as:

Video monitoring
Browser locking
Audio monitoring and voice detection
Student ID verification
Exam Reporting

To prevent cheating, online proctoring monitors students’ exam-taking by either supervising over live video or recording exam takers.

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Our registration process is very easy and smooth so candidates can easily register in the system or login with their Google Account to apply for the Job Position.

Candidates have to enter their name, email, and password and click on the register button for registration.

After Registration, there are four tabs that the candidate has to fill in the details:

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